New York Times columnist David Brooks gets roasted online after $78 airport meal post

David Brooks, a columnist for the New York Times, took to social media to express his dismay over food prices.

Does it really cost $78 for a burger and fries? Even at the airport?

Social-media sleuths took notice and went on the hunt for this meal.

His food choice was quickly identified as the Budweiser Brewhouse Burger, available for $18.99 at Newark Airport.

Even for a nice brisket burger, $19 is a lot, but it’s not $78.

So people honed in on the drink in the background. That’s whiskey and not apple juice. It is not clear how many he consumed, but obviously that was the lion’s share of the cost.

There are more affordable options, even for boozy journalists trying to stoke outrage.

According to NerdWallet, one-time passes to the United lounge cost $59 per person, though premium liquor does come at a cost.

Brooks should know that the Federal Reserve is on the case, on Wednesday promising higher-for-longer interest rates in a bid to return inflation to normal. Stocks have fallen as a result, even the New York Times Co.
which fell 2% on Wednesday.

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